As our region continues to open, we are moving forward with an abundance of caution. To ensure my health and safety, and that of our customers, I am accepting new repairs, but with several precautions in place. 


Appointments are required 

As before the pandemic, an appointment is required to come to the shop. If you are not feeling well at the time of your appointment, please respect everyone’s health and reschedule. 


Contactless communication 

All communication before, during and after repairs will be handled by phone or email. 


Contactless delivery and pick up

When you arrive to deliver or pick up your instrument, you will be met in our driveway by my assistant who will be wearing a mask. 


Masks are required

Though delivery and pick up will be handled outdoors, a properly-worn mask — entirely covering your nose and mouth — is required. There are no exceptions. 


If you are in need of a repair or would like to purchase an instrument, please reach out to make an appointment. I am available by phone and email.


Thank you for trusting me as your Luthier,


Michael F. Magee