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As a luthier shop in the Pittsburgh area specializing in all aspects of detailed repair, our work focuses on the restoration of the violin family finer musical instruments. The comprehensive restoration of a structurally healthy instrument can help bring back its original beauty, tone and playing characteristics.

Decisions as to structure and set-up are made that produce long-term results through the capture of lost energy and release of trapped sound. While some schools of thought seek "instant-gratification" through choices that introduce flex and surface vibration causing the instrument to reflect sound under the players' ear, my philosophy is to send vibration deep inside so that the instrument becomes a resonator. A balance must be reached between tension and vibration. This can be accomplished in many ways, but frequently include changing neck, tailpiece and bridge thicknesses, neck resetting and in certain cases by regaining thickness in a previously thinned top plate. It is necessary, however to address the entire vibrating system as a whole rather than focusing on individual pieces. Players are encouraged to be involved at start and finish to communicate their desires and' become educated in the workings of their instrument.

As a Juilliard- and Eastman-trained bassist, I understand the relationship between instrument set-up and technique and can help eliminate playing problems. My clients include players from the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera and Pittsburgh Symphony, I handle all repairs personally in my new 1000 square-foot shop located between Pittsburgh and Cleveland, in Slippery Rock, PA.

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