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Choosing to offer Samuel Shen instruments at Michael F. Magee Luthier, was a very easy decision. From the quality of wood selection and body designs, to the selection of finishes ranging from lacquer for student model basses to Shen’s beautiful dark amber brown hand applied oil varnishes on the higher grade instruments, the entire line of Samuel Shen instruments offers an expertly crafted double bass  to fit any playing style, or price range. 


Working with the Samuel Shen line of instruments over several years has been a pleasure. Their quality of workmanship and attention to detail has yielded a line of instruments that, as a bassist and luthier, I can count on to offer my clients a wonderful sounding instrument that is both affordable and reliable. Many of my clients are choosing to use their Shen double bass as their first choice over older European instruments. 


The entire line of Samuel Shen double basses can be set up to the highest standards, meeting the playing characteristics of even the most seasoned player.

The standard set up for every Samuel Shen double bass that leaves my shop will include a fully adjustable professional quality, hand carved maple bridge; a hand dressed fingerboard ready to play orchestral, solo, or jazz music. Choices for string sets include professional quality strings made by Pirastro, Tomastik, or D’Addario. Each bass is play-tested by myself, a classically trained Juilliard  double bassist, to meet the highest standards. Attention for each set up is focused on ease of playability and quality of sound. 


Many bassists have chosen to have my shop custom make and install a low C-extension on their Shen double bass, including the 150 hybrid. All low C-extensions can be configured with one to four cappers as desired. Samuel Shen double basses handle the lower notes of a C-extension extremely well, and players love the addition of the deeper notes. Please see my C-Extensions page for pictures and descriptions.

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