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The Shen SB150 Hybrid double bass is, hands down, the most popular double bass in the Shen Collection. These basses are constructed with a fully carved spruce top, plywood back and ribs, and a solid, single piece maple neck and scroll.

The SB150 Hybrid is a definite upgrade in sound quality over the plywood models. The fully carved spruce top offers a richer tonal palette, while the plywood back and ribs make for a very stable and durable body. The players who have chosen this bass run the full gamut from beginning students looking for a top grade, affordable instrument, to the professional working bassist using the bass for everything from parks concerts to live symphony playing and studio recordings.


Shen Hybrid double basses are available in several different builds, from violin cornered models or gamba shaped models; and with various finish options 

The Shen SB150 Hybrid bass is available in 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 sizes.


The Shen hybrid bass is also available with figured back and ribs as a model SB180.

Details about the Shen SB150 Hybrid bass: 

  • String Length: 41.25"

  • Body Length: 43 3/4"

  • Top Material: Fully carved spruce

  • Back Material: Maple Veneer

  • Ribs: Maple Veneer

  • Neck: Maple D Neck

  • Fingerboard: Ebony

Contact the shop to purchase or order a new Shen SB150 Hybrid bass.

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